Ditch Crazy Diets! Be Sane AND Sexy This Summer with 8 Weeks of  Coaching and Accountability to Reveal Your Hourglass Figure

Finally... get the attention and accountability you need to slim down to your most attractive figure -- while firing up your sluggish metabolism!

You can smell it in the air. Summer is almost here and with it comes... PRESSURE!

Because you know what those warm days have in tow, right?  Along with vacation plans and BBQs, summer sunshine can bring not-so-pleasant feelings around body image for millions of women just like you.

Many women resolve THIS summer they will finally lose weight and get in shape....

For REAL this time! Maybe you have too. If so, don't be ashamed - I have been there many times myself.

But you know what? You CAN lose weight for summer​, without going off on some celebrity weight loss program or cleanse that ends up wrecking your metabolism. 

You can lose weight for good ONLY IF you stop falling for quick fix diets!

The fact is, most women have already tried to get their weight under control... and most have had disappointing results.

Maybe this is you. Maybe you even had success in the beginning with some extreme diet plan, but then regular life resumed and the weight came back.  

Or maybe you bought into a plan but never actually applied it to get the results. 

If so, it's no surprise. Fad diets never work for the long haul - they're just short-term fixes. And besides, the vast majority of people who buy any type of program don't ever use them!

Now be honest...is your life set up to have a lean, sexy and healthy body? Or are you going to have to "break out of the box" to the get the figure you desire?

I'm guessing you're NOT surrounded by people who are helping you get and keep the kind of figure you want. That's why you're looking for answers.

As you might have imagine, to break out of that box you need to do things you haven't been doing...

This means you need support. It's a lot easier to do what will slim your figure when you've got a coach and a team... when other people are with you on the journey, watching out for you and caring about you. 

I know, you want to lose weight NOW. In fact, you still might be tempted by the "Easy Solution, Only $19.95" product offers that promise you the summer weight loss you crave. Fast. Simple. No effort. Fat melts off in your sleep...

If that's what you're after, then grab one. And good luck, because we both know how that's going to turn out in the long run.


If you want nutrition and exercise for real life, follow-along videos, daily accountability and expert guidance on your specific issues, then keep reading...

Right about now you might be asking yourself why you should you listen to me. 

The answer is because I understand what it's like. I've been overweight myself, tried lots of solutions and made lots of mistakes on the way to finding what works. Besides, I'm over 50 now, still lean and fit, and have made it my life's work to understand what creates true health and help others find it for themselves. 

And I love coaching. I genuinely like people and love sharing women's excitement when they discover what works for them to stay slim without anxiety or stress. 

I love the thrill of victory when my ladies get results they never thought they could achieve, and I love sharing what comes so easily to me with others who haven't had the time or background to figure it out.

Which brings me to some big news...​

To get you ready for summer without hype or empty promises, I'm opening another round of my signature small group coaching program 

This is great news for you!

If you're ready to go for your fat loss goals, and you're one of the go-getters who wants the guidance, accountability and customization you can get with a coach, here's your chance. 

Believe me, I know the feeling... I have coaches myself, including for my business. In uncharted waters you and I both want more "Please just tell me what to do" step-by-step instruction.

And it's nothing to be ashamed of. 

In fact, why are people so embarrassed to get more accountability? It doesn't make sense. 

When you have a coach in any area of your life, it's something you should take PRIDE in, because it means you're for real

AND, it's critical to your success. Just look at the numbers...

Over 200,000 clients later... the most important factor in successful weight loss is "forging a personal connection with a coach"

Founder of Precision Nutrition, Dr. John Berardi, PhD has overseen the health and fitness coaching of over 200,000 clients.

He says, "...the biggest predictor of success in our coaching programs as defined by weight loss, changes in health parameters, and positive feelings about the program... wasn’t what type of diet they followed while they were on it, it wasn’t even how much weight they lost. It was actually forging a personal connection with their coach. The people who forged the strongest personal connection with a real human being actually had the best results..." (1)

And the next biggest predictor? Hooking up with a coach who has real-life experience in the area you want to learn about, not just book learning or knowing someone else who did it.

I'm that coach. Sure, I have a university degree in Sports Medicine, numerous industry certifications and have coached other women for years....but I also have personal experience.

I've been the overweight, desperate woman before and I understand how it feels... ESPECIALLY after 40 with all the responsibilities of life, changing hormone levels, old injuries... you name it. 

And I know, losing weight doesn't get any easier as the birthday candles multiply!​

So how is this coaching group different from joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer?


Expert exercise and nutrition guidance, convenient tools to make your life easier, accountability and social support from a group of peers, and professional advice on a daily basis...

...all at a SMALL FRACTION of what you'd pay for the same services 1:1

Convenient bodyweight exercises let you work out anywhere -- no gym membership or equipment required.

Delicious recipes satisfy your craving for real, tasty food. No boring "diet" food.

Privately tracking your measurements with a pre-programmed spreadsheet keeps you motivated!

Here's what you need to know:

  • This group is about losing fat and/or losing fat while gaining muscle.
    If you want to look like a fitness model, this program is not for you. It's for regular women who want to slim down and get more energized. We want people with similar goals because that's the "secret sauce" to making it work.  
  • You'll get clear guidelines and sample recipes for all meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the first 10 days.
    After that I'll be helping you make this work without handholding. The goal is for you to be self-sufficient and know how to keep losing weight on your won after the 8 weeks are over.
  • You'll get 3 follow-along, 30-minute bodyweight exercise videos every week. 
    And the models are "real women" just like you, not perfect fitness specimens, so you feel comfortable and see me correct common mistakes in form. You'll understand how to do the exercises on your own without injury. 
  • You'll have daily access to me in our secret Facebook group PLUS we'll have live, real-time group conference calls. 
    It's great to have the secret Facebook group chats for daily interaction and questions, and connecting in person makes it that much better. You can get all the information you need and let me know what would help you even more.  (A secret group can only be seen by its members and posts cannot be shared, so you have 100% confidentiality within the group.)
  • I'm only looking for serious people.
    We are going to work closely together for 8 weeks so you can discover how to drop fat without confusion or hassles, while building habits to keep it off for life. You'll need to focus to get the best results. Eight weeks is long enough for results but short enough to hold your summer attention! 
  • I'll have to cap this off at a certain number of people to make it work best for you. 
    It will NOT be open for everyone, and once we hit the enrollment limit, we'll have to close it down. This ensures you don't get lost in the crowd, and you stay accountable!
  • You will NOT be alone! 
    I and everyone in the group will be there with you. In fact, so you get the best results, you will be REQUIRED to post 3 times per week in our secret Facebook group. It keeps your head in the game and reinforces your commitment! 

This is what you've been waiting for...

The 8 Weeks to Hourglass group coaching program is open for enrollment!

The summer session is sure to fill quickly so don't delay. We only allow a limited number of women in so we can keep that intimacy and build bonds between members. 

Group coaching is similar to private coaching, except you get the benefit of peer support and a community.  And don’t underestimate the power of a group.

Accountability is powerful.

Plus, group coaching makes it affordable. In case you haven't checked lately, private coaching runs between $80 and $150 an hour. 

That price tag is way beyond most peoples' reach.  

But I've dropped this program well below that. I want my program to give you the best value possible so more people can take advantage of it and reach their goals.

It offers all the same benefits as private client coaching, and includes some additional "perks," at just a fraction of the price.

Here's what you get when you join today:


A program created for the mid-life woman’s body, one who wants to lose fat and gain shapely muscle without crazy dieting or insane exercise.


A nutrition plan that includes the first 10 days laid out in precise detail. After that you’ll be guided in what kinds of foods to eat, how much to eat, and at what times of day for the remainder of the program so you learn how to eat on your own. The goal at 8 weeks is for you to have both lost a lot of weight AND be totally self-sufficient in your continued weight loss. No fad diets, here. This is for long-haul sexy, baby!


Lots of recipes that fit with the nutrition plan as outlined, so you always know what you can make to support your lean and healthy lifestyle.


A full bodyweight exercise plan with three 30-minute follow-along VIDEO workouts per week. This is one of the highlights of the program. You will work out along with our models who are being coached live by me during the workouts, and who are just like you. By watching common mistakes and listening to my cues you’ll come to understand proper exercise form.


Real-time group conference calls to connect with me and the other group members, share your experience, ask questions, get personalized feedback and let me know how I can help you even more.


Daily access to me, as well as your fitness-seeking peers, in our secret Facebook group – where you will be pretty much REQUIRED to succeed.

Don't delay in signing up... your window of opportunity is open NOW but only for a short time. 

The program runs 8 weeks:

Monday, May 23, to Sunday, July 24

Short enough to fit your schedule and long enough to get great results!

And the incredibly GREAT news for your pocketbook?

Your investment is only about five bucks a day - LESS than the price of the "skinny" treat you'd buy to reward yourself for finishing yet another boring and ineffective treadmill workout.

Just think of it, the expertise and oversight of an experienced Nutritionist and Trainer every single day for 8 weeks, WITHOUT the prohibitive price tag.  

Right Now You Can Get the Entire 8 Week Coaching Program for Only $297!

That's less per day than you'd spend on a whim at the coffee shop - but think of the difference in results...

Belly bloat, shame and regret OR a slimmed-down beach body...

You choose!

Now is your chance to get the figure you want before you're faced with your summer clothes.

It's your chance to feel proud of yourself and excited to wear your sleeveless tops, summer skirts and shorts.

Don't delay... the program starts soon and you need to stock your kitchen!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Still wondering if it could work for you?

Here's What Our Alumni Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Maureen is a Miracle Worker!”

“When Maureen first offered to help me live a more healthy lifestyle, and promised weight loss, I was pretty skeptical. I mean really, who can lose weight exercising 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

“I decided to trust her, and joined the "8 Weeks to Hourglass Figure" group. I now tell everyone I know "Maureen is a Miracle Worker!"

“In 8 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and 21.25 inches. And this time I know it is staying off. My clothes not only fit better, they are too big. I'm fitting into things that I couldn't get on 8 weeks ago. My husband has lost 25 pounds.

“And the best part is, this is just the beginning. I know if I continue to follow this eating plan, and workout schedule, I will continue to lose.”

Julie Buehler
Rochester, MN

“The group of ladies...became the cheering squad...”

“Eight weeks to an hourglass figure seemed far-fetched for a 64 year old, overweight woman, but the concept of losing weight before my daughter's wedding was a great incentive.

"The meal plan was based on real food, the exercise videos were easy to follow and the group of ladies with weight loss goals became the cheering squad for each success. Coach Maureen helped us with answers, inspirational stories and words of wisdom, always when we needed them.

"I was successful in my original goal, and continue to follow the path set out for us in this program. Thanks!"

Sue Hall
Ottowa, ON
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I can't wait for more time to pass so I can continue to drop pounds...”

“The program was just what I needed; very specific meal plans at the beginning to help start me eating healthy again, then tapering off on specifics, with guidelines for me to make my own eating plans. Now that the program is over, and I’m over 10 pounds lighter, I am very confident that I can continue on with this eating lifestyle. I can’t wait for more time to pass so I can continue to drop pounds.

"The exercise videos were really great. I love that they only take 30 minutes (who doesn’t have 30 minutes they can find in their day, even AFTER procrastination!) and that I can do it in the privacy of my own space...I loved the flexibility!

"I was very happily surprised at how great the food tasted and how satisfied I was. It was NOT like those plans that you can’t bear to eat and can’t wait to be done with. These are foods that I really love, and recipes that I’ll incorporate often in my life going forward."

Shauna Della
Santa Cruz, CA

"I am continuing to use the recipes and workouts."

"I completed the “8 Weeks to Hourglass” and was very happy with my results. The coaching, meal suggestions and recipes were instrumental in lying a good foundation for fast and continued results.

"One of my favorite things were the exercise videos. They are quick (only 30 minutes) and I am continuing to see results. I travel for work, and was happy that I could do my workout in the hotel room.

"While I completed the 8 weeks, I am continuing to use the recipes and workouts."

Karen L. Benedetto
Churchville, NY
John Doe UI/UX Designer

This is what you get when you join us today:

  1.  You'll have a personal relationship with and accountability to me, your dedicated coach, which is THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in successful weight loss PLUS a tribe of women just like you for support!
  2.  You'll have a step-by-step meal plan for the first 10 days, then clear guidance in creating your own meal plans, so you'll transition into knowing how to eat real food for long-term fat loss 
  3.  You'll have 30-minute follow-along exercise videos so you can get your workouts in anywhere, anytime. All the exercises are bodyweight, so you don't need any equipment. It just doesn't get any simpler!

Get an Entire 8 Weeks of Coaching and Accountability for Only $297!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm really busy, will I have time for this program?

Can this work for me if I avoid gluten?

I have old injuries and need to be careful. Are the exercises really strenuous?

Is my information in the Facebook group private?

Do I need to buy special food or supplements?

Do I have to cook two meals if my family doesn't want to lose weight?

Can I do this program if I travel a lot?

Can I post a link to this program on my social media?

Do I have to live in the US timezone to participate?

If I still have questions can I contact you before signing up?

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Maureen Garry
Creator of 8 Weeks to Hourglass

If you want to lose fat, firm your curves and feel ten years younger, I can help. Like you, I've been frustrated by weight before. Now as a certified nutritionist, trainer and expert in female fat loss for women over 40, I offer the tools and guidance you need to help you turn back the clock. You can avoid or lose the “menopause belly” so many women accept as normal – staying lean, light and ready to enjoy life with the energy of your younger years.

Only by years of study – including a Sports Medicine degree and numerous nutrition and fitness certifications – did I learn the true secrets to staying lean and lively with ease. I'm now sharing anti-aging weight loss and energy-boosting secrets for mid-life women to peel off extra weight – and keep it off for good.​

1. http://pages.sanesolution.com/200000-people-later-this-is-your-1-predictor-of-weight-loss-success-with-dr-john-berardi/